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Wall Street Journal Best-selling author David R. Stokes' latest book on Christian living: When Good Samaritans Get Mugged


Practical strategies for overcoming the depression, frustration, anger, fear, and discouragement we experience when we feel the pain of criticism, rejection, and personal attack - even though we are trying to do the right thing.

When Good Samaritans Get Mugged: Hope and Healing for Wounded Warriors

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THE SIMPLE LIFE: Reflections on the Twenty-Third Psalm


In The Simple Life, David R. Stokes explores these ancient words that are ever new.

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FLOUR POWER: Never Run Out of What You Need


A single mom. An economic crash. Corrupt political leaders. Sound familiar? What that single mom learned is still available to all of us today! 

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HOW TO KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON: 1st Century Wisdom for 21st Century Living

An in-depth look at the writings of the Apostle Peter, How to Keep Calm and Carry On offers practical principles about peace of mind and perseverance during difficulty.

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      THE BOTHERED BUTLER:       Moving from Burden to Breakthrough

There are times when we carry burdens that lead to extraordinary breakthroughs in our personal and professional lives. That’s exactly what happened to a man named Nehemiah. He later wrote his memoirs. They’re in the Bible. He was THE BOTHERED BUTLER.


GOT ANY RIVERS? Obstacles Can Become Opportunities

What does it take to discourage you? To keep you from finding your purpose, reaching your goals, or becoming the best version of yourself? The pressures of life can become pathways to good things. David R. Stokes shares wisdom from a song those who dug the Panama Canal loved to sing.